The Big Big Benefit: A Weekend of Events at Glen Echo Park for Laurie Gilkenson

July 9-10, 2010
Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park

Laurie Gilkenson

Presented by Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Jam Cellar, Flying Feet Enterprises, Tom Cunningham Orchestra, and Blue Sky 5...

As you may have heard, Laurie Gilkenson, a beloved friend of member our swing dance community, suffered a brain aneurysm on May 6th and has been through a lot since then. The family is now facing mounting bills and could really use our help and support.

Some may know Laurie as the warm, spunky and hilarious mother of Nina Gilkenson. Nina and Laurie have been part of the DC and international Lindy community since 1997. Thousands of people know Nina from her travels around the world to teach and perform, and many in the dance community of us have also gotten to know Laurie over the years.

Laurie works as a Hall Manager at Glen Echo Park, volunteers countless hours for Jam Cellar (we couldn't do our taxes without her!), and is the designated mom of the DC dance scene. You may not know that she performed on Broadway when she was a kid, was a ballerina until she shattered her foot, and spent years teaching drama to high school students. But you probably *do* know that she makes friends wherever she goes.

We are so excited to have so many people coming together to help Laurie and are thrilled to have three wonderful bands for the weekend: Tom Cunningham Orchestra, Blue Sky 5+2 and the Boilermaker Jazz Band!

More info coming soon. Please RSVP on our Facebook event page and show your support!

P.S. If you would like to contribute but can't make it to the event you can send please visit our donations page. Thank you!